5th Grade Classroom Lessons

5th Grade Unit 1

Self-Awareness & Self-Management

1. What is empathy? How does it differ from sympathy?

Students will know:
1. Sympathy is the ability to understand the feelings of others. 2. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

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Empathy vs. Sympathy

WCVB: Emotional mom's video about packing lunch for her son goes viral

Empathy Can Change the World

5th Grade Unit 2
Responsible Decision Making

1. How do decisions impact our safety and the well-being of self and others?

Students will know:
1. Decisions are based on past experiences, consequences, how the decisions impact others and internal and external factors. 2. Decisions can impact our reputation and safety, both in person and online.

Unit Dilemmas You have a huge incomplete project due Monday, and your cousin just asked you to go camping all weekend. You haven’t seen your cousin in months and the weather will be perfect for camping. You are at an evening school event and take some pictures with your phone. When you get home, you look through your pictures and see some great pictures of your friends.

You are using an app and see mean comments being written by one of your friends about another student in the class. Resources Decision-Making Sheet.pdf


5th Grade Unit 3
Relationship Skills

1. How do we navigate changing relationships? 2. How do we resolve a peer conflict?

Students will know:
1. It is natural for relationships to evolve and change over time. 2. Unresolved or frequent peer conflict can change relationships.

Conflict Resolution Model

Step 1: Cool Off Deep Breath Move your body away Squeeze something Six Sides of Breathing

Step 2: I-Statement I feel/felt ______ when I (see/saw/hear/heard) _________ because _________________. What I would like is ___________________.

Step 3: Show we Understand What I heard you say is you feel ________ because _________.

Step 4: Brainstorm Solutions Compromise Ask for adult help Do your own thing

Step 5: Discuss and Select a Solution Calmly talk about which solution would work and why. Be prepared to work together.



5th Grade Unit 4
Social Awareness

1. How and why do people discriminate based on appearance or perception etc.? 2. How does discrimination impact individuals and groups?


Students will know:
1. Discrimination happens within the community and at school. 2. Discrimination negatively impacts individuals and groups. 3. People may discriminate by teasing, being mean, triggering conflict and bullying. 4. Discrimination is based on a prejudice 5. Not all bullying is based on discrimination or prejudice.